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The UCR SRC provides an array of services related to survey research.  We can work with clients at all stages of a research project, from the earliest planning stages to data interpretation and report preparation. 

Research Design
Our staff works with clients to develop a comprehensive study design, often incorporating qualitative and quantitative components, which addresses study objectives and answers research questions.  We can develop research designs to fit almost any budget. 

Sampling Strategy
The SRC can develop an appropriate sampling strategy tailored to the specific research question. Sampling strategies can involve simple random digit dialing and listed samples, or more complex designs involve multi-stage cluster sampling.  We have experience creating population lists for hard to reach persons of interest.
Instrument Creation
We are experienced in creating instruments from scratch as well as working with clients to refine existing survey instruments for content, clarity, and flow.  Our aim is to create an instrument that will answer clients’ needs and is presented in a way as to increase respondent cooperation.  Our university setting allows us to access the linguistic and cultural expertise of members of many racial/ethnic and national groups, thus enabling us to interview in multiple languages.    
Data Collection
The SRC is equipped with a 16-station Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) lab staffed by trained interviewers with multiple language capabilities.  In addition to telephone data collection, we can conduct web-based surveys using sophisticated software that uses email messages to announce the survey and remind respondents to complete the survey.  We are also equipped to conduct mail surveys and process mail survey data.  Clients are encouraged to attend training sessions and visit our center during data collection.

Data Analysis
Datasets are prepared to client specifications. The SRC can provide data analysis ranging from simple frequencies and cross tabulations to sophisticated statistical techniques.  We have extensive experience presenting statistical information in prose form.   We also code open ended data and can summarize themes extracted from focus groups and interviews.

Report Preparation
The SRC can provide data files in a variety of formats.  Accompanying this, statistical reports including frequencies, cross-tabulations, graphs, and a discussion study results can be produced.  We can also present key findings at professional briefings or meetings of interested individuals.